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Welcome to Semalytix!

We are a spin-off of the Semantic Computing group at Bielefeld University and of the Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Center (CITEC).
Our common driver is the passion to tackle new challenges and develop innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs. Through our close cooperation with the Semantic Computing group we are able to offer advanced solutions that are state-of-the-art.

Our Mission

Handled in the right way, data can speak to you. Data can tell you what your customers think, what they need, helping you to create stakeholder networks, to communicate more effectively and in a targeted manner. Data can provide insights to drive innovation and optimize processes, help to predict the next move of your competitors.

We all have one goal. No matter whether we are in business analytics, marketing, pharma, transport, banking, you name it. We want to innovate, design better products and services targeted to the unmet needs of people. We want to do things that matter to a lot of people, that make the difference to them: We want to help you in developing the drugs that address the real and unmet needs of patients, we want to help you to tailor your services to your clients, we want to help you to provide advice that is tailored to the people and looks into their future, we want to help you to listen to the voice of your customers to speak to them about things they care about, we want to help you to make sure that investments are sustainable.

Data-driven insights are key. Insights are hidden in petabytes of data, waiting to be unleashed to help you make the difference. It is likely that key insights are dormant in the datasets that you have in your company. Rightly integrated and analyzed in combination with other data sources, they can be unleashed.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools to make it happen. We want to help you understand, innovate, change. We believe that solutions to many problems are already there. In your data. By helping you understand your data, our data analytics pave the way towards enhanced understanding, better decisions and a brighter future. Let’s work together on this.

What We Do

Semantic Technologies

Semantic Technologies are key to aggregate and integrate data across heterogeneous sources and formats. Our solutions build on a knowledge graph architecture that collects and integrates all relevant information from heterogeneous data sources and exposes them to analytic applications as one integrated graph.

Our solutions rely on open standards such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Web Ontology Language (OWL) for implementing the knowledge graphs.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

We deploy cutting-edge data mining and machine learning technologies to develop adaptive technologies that continue learning even when they are deployed. Our workflows are optimized to deliver cloud products that continuously adapt to new data streams. You are not buying a static product or solution, but a solution that is constantly learning and adapting itself to your new data and needs.

Natural Language Processing

Our architectures offer the best-in-breed AI-powered text understanding. Our technologies discover relevant topics, entities, relations, facts, opinions and sentiment in textual documents. Our algorithms turn textual data into knowledge graphs that can be directly processed using analytic technologies to deliver key insights.

Big Data Analytics

Our solutions and systems rely on parallelization, Map-Reduce processing and scalable cloud architectures to support high-throughput analytics to provide insights in real time, just yo need them!

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